Writing While Mom-ing

Emi Sano
2 min readSep 7, 2021

Trying to find that balance of writing and being a mom is hard.

I literally wrote the first sentence one day and then couldn’t come back to finish this article until the next day. Finding the time to write isn’t easy when your little one is suddenly wanting your attention all the time. So how does one make the time?

Here are some tips that I’ve been working on/ learning to do as I go!

Write during naps!

Nap time is the best time to get anything done. But it can be hard to do everything you want to do during the day in a 1–2 hour window. Especially if you have chores you want to accomplish on top of writing. You know when your baby will nap, schedule time for you to do chores during one and write during the other. Are you only down to one nap? Try the next step below.

Wake up early.

That sounds terrible, but if you’d like a few minutes to write uninterrupted, then the best time to write is before baby wakes up. Or you can do your chores in the morning! Either way that gives you that extra hour in the day to find time to write what you need before Mom duties have to kick in.

Find some toys that capture their attention for several minutes.

I have a few toys that I can use as attention grabbers and I will plop them down on the floor in front of my baby to distract them for at least fifteen minutes. It’s fifteen minutes, but I can write a few sentences during that time. I can also brainstorm during that short time period as well.

Don’t feel bad about TV time.

Everyone says to not use the television as a babysitter. But what if you haven’t gotten your word count goal in for the day? Sometimes writing during an episode of Bubble Guppies can really help improve your count for the day.

It’s okay if you only write one sentence.

Remember what I said before? I wrote one sentence then didn’t come back until the next day. That’s perfectly fine to do! Mom-life comes first. Writing can wait!

Don’t stress!

Whatever you do, just don’t stress about it! Write when you can and sooner or later you’ll finish your project.

This only took me a few days to write but hey — I did it!

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Emi Sano

Emi Sano is a self-published author of “Voices: a short story collection” and YA novella “We Don’t Talk About That.” She freelances as a writer/blogger.